Ruth Connell Architect A.I.A.

Eastport Townhouse Renovation

For this Eastport Annapolis townhouse, the main objective was to open a small, dark and boxy kitchen to the other spaces of the primary living level of an existing four-story 1970’s townhouse. Continue Reading…

Round Bay Residence

A fundamental design goal was to create a smaller home supportive of family relationships, with small home energy efficiency, a reasonable construction budget, privacy, and a scale that would not overwhelm the neighborhood context, on a narrow, sloping and heavily wooded site. Continue Reading…

Parkwood Avenue Renovation + Addition

The project neighborhood is stylistically eclectic, with homes dating from the 1920’s and earlier, to the occasional newer home. The existing house in this project was built in the 1980s. The neighborhood is relatively dense (semi-urban) with small lots and falls within Critical Areas (first one thousand feet of Chesapeake Bay watershed).
Continue Reading…

Groh Lane, king-post detail

Groh Lane Renovation + Addition

This addition to an existing 1951 house used sustainable building techniques, including SIPs, Structural Insulated Panels.

The truss was designed by Ruth Connell, to support the SIPs roof, and to create an open master bedroom below.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Design Competition

Entry number 515 to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Design Competition was by Ruth Connell, with two panels of pencil and colored pencil drawings on vellum, in 1981. Continue Reading…